Training in safe and effective provision of assistive products

Assistive products such as crutches, hearing aids, reading glasses and toilet chairs are essential items for many people. These online modules aim to equip community-level personnel working in any context to safely and effectively provide a range of simple assistive products.

How to use the TAP site

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TAP introduction modules

This module provides a general overview of assistive products.

This module provides an introduction to mobility assistive products.

This module provides an introduction to vision assistive products.

This module provides an introduction to self care assistive products.

“TAP is really useful… we can now screen and provide glasses for reading, and cut down waiting times for the specialist clinic.”


Nurse Manager, Papua New Guinea

“TAP helps you look for different problems when a patient visits you. It gives you the knowledge to find new solutions. My patient came for a walking problem and I was also able to help him with his vision.”


Nurse, India

“In my experience it was very helpful to have the health providers near my home, following-up on my assistive product.”


Service user, Switzerland

“The role play helped us prepare for assessments with real assistive products users. It gave us confidence in the skills we learned through the modules.”


Community Health Worker, India

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Consent for use of information

Please let us know if you give consent for information collected during this training to be used for future reporting and research activities.

Check yes or no to each question below. If you select no, you are still very welcome to continue the training.

1. I have read the Participant Information Sheet and understand TAP data collection.
2. I understand that my de-identified information collected during this training (including this registration form, online feedback survey, quiz results and discussion forum) will be used in reporting and research to help improve TAP and improve access to assistive technology, and I give my consent for this.